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Autor Zofia Sokół
Tytuł Kobieta i Życie (1945-2002)
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Numer 9


The publication deals with the history of the oldest magazine in Poland entitled "Kobieta i Zycie" coming out for fifty-six years and the changes concerning its title, publishing frequency, publishing canon, programme, editors as well as its addressee - the female reader. The magazine started coming out in Warsaw in 1946, initially as a monthly and then entitled "Moda i Zycie Praktyczne" [Fashion and Practical Life]. Henryk Butkiewicz was the founder of the magazine. Commissioned by Jerzy Borejsza, the president of the Publishing and Educational Co-operative "Czytelnik," he proceeded to create the editorial board, the programme and publishing on behalf of "Czytelnik."
The aim of the newly created periodical was to activate women politically, who made the half of society, and gain their votes in the upcoming referendum and the elections to the Legislative Seym. In 1951, in consequence of changes in press and publishing policy, the press department of "Czytelnik" was taken over by the Labour Publishing Cooperative "Prasa" and changed the title to "Kobieta i Zycie," the publication frequency to a weekly as well as publishing canon and the entire editorial board. Such supplements as "Wykroje i Wzory" [Patterns and Designs], "Sezam" [The Sesame], and "Pani" [The Woman] were created. It was the longest period covering forty years and ended with the press transformation in 1991 in consequence of which the Journalistic Publishing Cooperative "Kobieta i Zycie" (1991 - 1999) was formed. It comprised the leading title - "Kobieta i Zycie", the "Pani" magazine and "Sezam" changed into a guide "101 Porad" [101 Hints].
The last period of the magazine activity is connected with creating the Polish Publishing House, which apart from the "Kobieta i Zycie" biweekly magazine also published the "Pani" monthly with its supplement "Smaki i Aromat" [The Savour and Flavour], the "Uroda" [The Beauty] monthly and the "101 Porad" magazine. In 1999 the internet service of the Polish Publishing House - "Sekrety Kobief' [The Women's Secrets] — was created. In 1998 the preference shares in the Polish Publishing House were bought by the Uniprom company. Then in consequence of the organisational changes the Polish Publishing House it became the property of the Multimedia Group joint stock company. However, the property rights were not regulated and the undertaken reorganisation and the attempts to save the Polish Publishing House failed. "Kobieta i Zycie" was liquidated after bringing up several generations of women.