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Autor Danuta Hombek
Tytuł Problematyka bibliologiczna na łamach czasopism Tadeusza Podleckiego
Title Bibliological Issues in the Periodicals of Tadeusz Podlecki
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Tadeusz Karol Podlecki, born in ca. 1750, who was active in Warsaw in the years 1784-1796, is hardly known to researchers and bibliographers of early literature. Versatility of Podlecki interests is reflected by the fact that in his periodicals he devoted space to bibliological issues, which was quite dissimilar with the profile of all his publishing ventures. The problems in question occurred in three periodicals - Dziennik Handlowy, Suplement Dziennika Handlowego czyli Dziennik Warszawski, and Przewodnik Warszawski. Texts contained in those periodicals have a considerable bibliological importance because they provide information first of all about the functioning of several institutions engaged in the production and distribution of books: the paper mill, printing shop, libraries, and reading-rooms. The existence of some of them is revealed for the first time thanks to Podlecki's information.