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Autor Adrian Uliasz
Tytuł Prasa regionalna jako nośnik propagandy stalinowskiej. "Nowiny Rzeszowskie" o śmierci Józefa Stalina
Title The regional press as a Stalin propaganda medium. "Nowiny Rzeszowskie" on Joseph Stalin's death
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The "Nowiny Rzeszowskie" at the turn of the 1940s and 50s was a typical local party daily propagating the problems of the province. The content layout was similar to that featuring in the general press in Poland at the time. The same could be said about the contents subordinated to the top-down ideological directives, giving the press the spirit of Stalin's propaganda, which is apparent from the publications relating to the death and burial of Stalin as well as other endeavours dedicated to the praise of the leader constituting the majority of articles in the daily. Editors published mostly news from home and the Soviet Union and to a less extent came out with their own publications of the official reaction of the local community to the death of the dictator. Their texts were less original and constituted a carbon paper copy of the content, ideology, and propaganda language evident in the press of the whole country. The role of the local paper depended on the signalization of the region's loyalty to the only rightful ideology and policy. The article also reviews the works of the regional magazines.