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Autor Klaudia Socha
Tytuł Książki religijne rozprowadzane drogą subskrypcji na tle repertuaru wydawniczego i zainteresowań czytelniczych XVIII wieku
Title Distribution of religious books by subseription against the background of publication repetoire and reader's interests
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The XVII century was the turning point in the polish printing enterprise. Several political, economic and customary changes attributed to changes in the publication repertoire. Source research covering book advertisement and library inventory facilitates the identification of factors that had an impact on its shape. On the one hand, it was the publication policy of the publishing houses striving to satisfy the taste of customers. Subscriptions, especially those by publishers seemed interesting, indicating editions with questionable financial success. The publisher prefered to be protected against inappropriate initiatives, obtain funds from advance payments before carrying out the works. The second research pole covers readers - the presence of religious literature in the libraries of the various social groups reflects interest in this type of literature, and the comparison of the repertoire and readers' reception indicate how these two factors regulated the development of the publishing market in the eighteenth century Poland.