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Autor Marta Moraczewska
Tytuł AL JAZEERA - taniec międzykulturowego niezrozumienia. Studium z socjologii komunikacji
Title AL JAZEERA - a dance of intercultural misunderstanding
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Cultural diversity makes the world an interesting place. It is on many occasions the cause of misunderstanding or hatred among nations. The socialization process taking place under certain specific conditions is accountable not only for striking attitudes and values but also for the mode of the social environment perception, the article portrays how the medium of information transmission changes upon the basis of language and target group. An analysis was carried out on the Qatar television station Al Jazeera which has. between 1996 and 2011. gone through an intensive development. The turning point was the year 2001 and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. Since then the arabie language Al Jazeera became an international station of global dimensions. The basis of the comparative analysis is the dualizm of Al Jazeera transmission functioning simultaneously on two cultural planes.