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Autor Gajlewicz-Korab Katarzyna
Tytuł Specyfika mediów przeznaczonych dla muzułmanów we Francji
Title The peculiarity of the media addressed to muslims in France
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Muslims constitute about 10% of the population of France however, they are a minority group as recipients of the media. The media market alloted to them is modest although it is undergoing a dynamie development. There are various motives behind this growth. Nevertheless, it is worth men-tioning the most important. Firstly, the more rapid rise in the number of this group than in the entire french population, to which the media market had to react. Secondly, the re-islamization of a greater part of this group, that is, among the second and third generation immigrants there is an observation of a return to the practicing of religion as the answer to their socio-economic marginalization. This is an endeavour geared towards the strengthening of their identity. And thirdly, a considerable part of the media service for this group is channelled through the Internet although it is mainly directed to the youth that is less educated than their french counterparts. However, medial offers exist in all sectors for muslims in France: in the press (published both in French and Arabie), on the radio, television as well as on the Internet. It is also worth recalling that a certain part of the muslim community, the more integrated part, also avail itself of the french media addressed to the whole society.