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Autor Jolanta Dzierżyńska
Tytuł Przepis nie tylko na telewizję. Strategia rozwoju koncernu ITI
Title . Rules not only for television. Development strategy for the ITI company
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The article portrays thc analysis of the ITI company's development strategy. The author recalls the modest beginings of the company in the 1980s of the XX century and presents it with a basis, above all, on investment in television, dynamie growth in twenty subsequent years.

The author comes to the conclusion that the recipe for success was diversification of the company^ activities which currently exerts a significant impact on the model of spending leisure time and entertainment for the Poles. Several investments in the various sectors of the entertainment industry guarantee the ITI company a stable futurę regardless of changes in the taste of Poles.

Its leading role within the multimedia scope is not weakened even by the huge, amounting to 350 million Euro company debt sińce company value and the magnitude of the turnover are kept at par.