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Autor Olga Dąbrowska-Cendrowska
Tytuł Wszystkie dzieci są nasze. Współczesne polskie czasopisma przeznaczone dla rodziców. Próba analizy oferty wydawniczej
Title All children are ours. Contemporaiy Polish magazines Addressed Barents. Trial analysis of publication offer
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The article was on the special contents of of the Częstochowa low-circulation scientific, professional, hobby and brand-name magazines. Although it constitutes a typologically diversifed group the analized magazines possessed numerous common characteristics. They are bound by the criteria of contents and addressee. The authors and readers of these magazines form a common specialized group In search of a specific content. Depending on the degree of complexity and esotericism of these contents, the magazines' scope of influence is manifold. The smallest group of readers, which is obvious, is affiliated to the scientific magazines while the highest group is associated with the brand-name ones.
The magazines presented in this article contained over 130 titles, i.e., about 37% of the total appearing in the Częstochowa newspapers and magazines. The dynamic growth of this press, noticeably from 1989, may indicate that it will dominate on the local magazines' market in the near future. This will Apple to both the number of titles and the extent of influence on readers.
It could also be assumed that with time, as observations from the first symptons suggest, the analysed press will more rarely function In the classical - paper version. Even now, the scale and significance of scientific magazines are, to a great extent, determined by the fact of their having a developed interactive Internet website. A presumption could therefore be made that, together with the promotion of access to Internet for the local community the local professional, hobby and brand-name magazines will similarly undergo an evolution.