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Autor Beata Rygiel
Tytuł Niedziela i "Gość Niedzielny" jako przykłady tygodników katolickich
Title Sunday and "Sunday guest" as examples of catholic weeklies
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The subject of the article is on the catholic press. As a sample two of the oldest and most popular Nationwide catholic weeklies, "Sunday" and "Sunday Guest" were discussed. At the outset the definition of the catholic press and similar conceptions were presented as well as disclosing their fundamental functions. The history of the two weeklies, their circulation and diocesan additions together with the readership were indicated in the subsequent parts of the article. Results of of a research conducted on topical analysis of the two weeklies were show at the end. The research made use of an own categorization key which was established on the basis of the current contents of the two weeklies in the year 2008. It comprises three main categories of which very detailed subcategories were defined. From the analysis it was observed that there were many secular topice in the catholic press which are generalny not related to religion or the church. This subject accounts for as much as 79.83% In the "Sunday Guest" weekly and 63.65% in the "Sunday" weekly respectively. Thanks to this the two weeklies are so popular and are persistently gaining a wider range of readers.