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Autor Renata Piasecka
Tytuł Służby prasowo-informacyjne w Polsce w latach 1945-1971
Title Press-info services In Poland In the years 1945-1971
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During the time of the People's Reublic of Poland it could be observed that one of the key factors responsible for the reglamentation of national information was, without doubt, the defective organization of press and information services in the central office s and institutions. Between 1945 and 1948 press and information units were established at most ministries, structures of the National Council of State and at several institutions of the social and self-government organizations. A bad reputation was cherished, at this time, by the Ministry of Industry and Trade responsible for the drastic information blockade relating to the economy of the country.
The spontaneous development of the press and information services was interrupted at the turn of 1940 and 1950, bearing in mind the typical trend of the Stalin period concerning the restriction of access to press information sources. At the outset of 1949 the supervision of press and information activities of the various ministries and central institutions was entrusted to the Office of the Presidium of the council of ministers responsible for information and press affairs. The institution of the central information services units was totalny abolished by a Council of Ministers' resolution on I XII 1950. After 1956, despite the non-existence of any legal basis, central Offices and institutions gradualny started to reinstate their own information services that operated on the fringes of legality. Owing to Lack of legal articles on a national scale, there was a lot of unrestraint regarding both the appointment of press spokesmen as well as outlining their scope of duties. Generally, the services mentioned played a negative role in contacts with press representatives, which were depicted and emphatically characterized in this aniele based on little-known material source originating from 1967-1968: a memorandum from the Polish Press Agency addressed to the press Office of the Central Committee of the Polish Party of Union Workers relating to the enrichment of the content and form of open information bequeathed to the press, radio and television and the report under the authorship of Irene Tetelowska on the subject "The place and role of a spokesman in central institutions with respect to information collection". Both the two documents exert an enormous influence on the decision to establish the institution of a government spokesman in 1971.