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Autor Adrian Uliasz
Tytuł Czasopisma wyznaniowe na straży polskości. Z przeszłości prasy luterańskiej i kalwińskiej do 1939 roku
Title Religious magazines as guard of Polish identity. From the past offhe Lutheran and Calvin press to 1939
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Socio-religious magazines constitute a valuable source of information on the history of minority religious groups. Editors of polish evangelical periodicals existing Since the twentieth century contributed to the polonization of the evangelical environment, development of a patriotic base marked by the presence of a high number of Polish evangelists by 1918 - under the second Republic of Poland during the second World War. The oldest title was the lutheran "Evangelical Herald" edited from 1863 by Pastor Leopold Otto, reactivated in 1869 under the editorship of Priest Juliusz Bursch. The publication was continued in independent Poland. Informative and pastoral objectives were pursued by the "Evangelical Voice" performing since 1937 the functions of principal pastoral organ for the Lutheran rituals. Evangelical periodicals having national polish character were published during the era of the Prussian and Austrian invation and in various parts of the country after the attainment of independence by Poland. There was a dynamic development of the Ausburg- Evangelical press in the Cieszyn district of Silesia region. Polish Lutheran magazines were also published in exile. In the years 1925 to 1939 the Calvins (reformist evangelists) possessed their own press titles that were focused on two commonalities: Unity of Warsaw and Wilno. In Warsaw, until now, a title with great traditions known as "Jednota" is published.