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Autor Wojciech Kęder
Tytuł Gazeta Warszawska wobec wojny o niepodległość Stanów Zjednoczonych w latach 1778-1782
Title The Warsaw Newspaper vis a vis the United States of America War of Independence In the years 1778-1782
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The United States of American war of Independence (1778-1782) was followed with much interest both in Poland and the whole of Europe. The principal Source of information on this subject in the republic was Priest Luskina's "Warsaw Newspaper" which, thanks to the priviilege of cumiure exclusivo j in the crown territory and to the fact of Lithuanian newspapers reporting the armed conflict, at the time I ,reprinted information from the Łuskina paper, was, from relations from the war, a real monopolist on the market.
The American war of Independence was the leading subject covered In the "Warsaw Newspaper" over a period of five years. Łuskina devoted about two thousand reports on it which, in the various | years, constituted between 30 and 50% of the paper's contents. The way and manner of conflict irradiation was decided by Priest Stefan Łuskina - the Publisher and editor of the "Warsaw Newspaper".] Whatsoever, he never directly imposed his views on readers and, with an undoubted sympathy, referred I to both the the American patriots ' fight for independence and the fight of their allied - the French and J Spanish with the English.
Information on Wars fought on several continents was acquired by Łuskina from the most renowned| European newspapers. Despite the inflow of false or contradictory reports, the course of the Americi war of Independence was given an accurate coverage in the "Warsaw Newspaper" making it feasible for readers to form an opinion about both the internal aspects of the war in the mutinuous colonies a the course of the war.