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Autor Joanna Nowak
Tytuł Możliwości i wykorzystanie oferty biblioteczno-informacyjnej a ocena jej jakości w społeczności akademickiej (Próba analizy systemowej na przykładzie Biblioteki Głównej Akademii Świętokrzyskiej w Kielcach). Cz. II
Title Possibilities and use of the library and information centre offer and the estimation of its quality in the academic community (an attempt of system analysis by the example of the Main Library of Świętokrzyska Academy in Kielce). Part II
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The traditional contemporary library is now more often transformed into an information centre. Publications offered by the scientific libraries, to which academic libraries also belong, are becoming more varied. The article presents both the traditional and electronic collections in addition to a service package delivered by the Main Library of Świętokrzyska Academy in Kielce. This review is confronted with the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on readers in two sessions (the 2003/2004 academic year and a trial control in 2006). In the second part the Library's electronic offer and its acquaintance of the community were highlighted. The interest of the users of the Main Library of Świętokrzyska Academy in other forms of literature acquisition (from polish language digital libraries and other traditional libraries both in and outside Kielce) was also indicated. Readers' assessment of activities as disclosed by respondents is presented under the section "points for the library". In conclusion general proposals and suggestions for the establishment of a good library-reader relationship were made. The text was supplemented with a set of tables and graphs.