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Autor Marta Meducka
Tytuł Żydowski ruch młodzieżowy w województwie kieleckim w latch 1918-1939
Title Jewish youth movement in District ofKielce in 1918-1939 years
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Origin of Jewish youth movement is connected with progress of Zionist Movement. First Jewish skaut organizations based on english model was founded in Galicia about 1910 year. From 1918 year skauting movement was initiated on area of independent Poland. Said movement was submitted to influence of different Jewish political orientations. Jewish Skauting Organization „Haszomer Hacair" was most extended. This organization sections was founded in District of Kielce already in First World War time. nHaszomer Hacair" included children and young people from 11 to 18 years old. Characteristic for this movement was fact that skauting was more stronger and intense in big towns. In a small towns condition said movement was converse.
Youth work in skauting movement included: education in Jewish history, learning Hebrew language, and geography of Palestine (because skauts actively supported emigration to Palestine), preparing to future life in Promised Land (through learning of occupations that could be need in Palestine), paramilitary lessons and training.