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Autor Maria Domańska
Tytuł Materiały ks. Jana Wiśniewskiego do dziejów insurekcji kościuszkowskiej w zasobie Archiwum Głównego Akt Dawnych w Warszawie
Title Clergyman Jan Wiśniewski materials for Kościuszko Insurection history in store of Main Record Office of Old Files in Warsaw
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Matter of this work is manuscript discovered in store of Main Record Office of Old Files in Warsaw. Said manuscript include files publication of Mazowsze Forces Commander in Insurection 1794 year prepared for printing. Publication was prepared for printing by clergyman Jan Wiśniewski who was parish-priest in Borkowice about Radom. He was known collector, librarian and editor a lot of "historical-and-statistical" works from churchs and parishes of Kielce and Sandomierz dioceses. Said manuscript was not known for clergyman Jan Wiśniewski biographers. Opinion about this work let to postulate realization this edition because it sticks to similar works level and extends our knowledge about Insurection.