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Autor Jolanta Dzieniakowska
Tytuł Pisma szkolne w Radomiu w latach 1918-1939
Title School papers in Radom in 1918-1939 years
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In the period of twenty years between World Wars, in Radom was published 69 press titles together (excluding papers of national minorities), and 14 of them was school papers. Said school papers was formulated and edited by secondary school schoolboys from Radom. Editorial staff generally consisted of schoolboys from school was editing ones's own paper. In the event collective inter-schools publishing initiative said staff was consisted of young people from whole town. Papers destined for schoolboys and teachers one's own schools often came to wider group of receiver from schoolboys circle. Matter of this papers contained mostly wide understanding school matters, and culture-education and social problems. School papers realization stimulated literary, social and organizational activity of schoolboys and let them to adopt rules of group cooperation and learned them responsibility for words.