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Autor Mieczysław Adamczyk
Tytuł Restrykcje wobec czasopiśmiennictwa wyznaniowego na Kielecczyźnie w latach stalinizacji kraju
Title Restrictions against periodical religious press in earth of Kielce during country stalinization
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For example, Catholic periodical press of Kielce showed discrimination methods used to press connected with Catholic Church in 1945-1959 years. Work lay stress on contemporary authorities pragmatism expressed in direct to the people and apparently very liberal public declaration. Political party and national circles made whole system of outside apparents connected with religion. Said system was used to confirm people about new authorities respect and attachment to Christian Tradition but on the other hand authorities were making actions to exert pressure to episcopate and next used this situations to accuse church hierarchy of unfriendly and enemy poses against state and people authorities. Leading this perfidious politics tends toward break entity of church in Poland and next to break off polish church from influence of Vatican and at the end to atheism of public life whole nation Restrictions against Catholic press connected with Catholic church especially made from 1948 to 1953 years was used to the same purpose. This matters can see in the article for example from "Présent Pulpit" - papers that is given for polish preaching matters and published by Kielce Diocesan Curia and destined for whole country priesthood.