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Autor Tomasz Mielczarek
Tytuł Funkcje prasy w systemie politycznym Drugiej Rzeczypospolitej
Title The Functions of the Press in the Political System of the Second Republic
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This article has two objectives. The first is an attempt at reconstruction of the opinions of the chief political and social movements in the Second Republic concerning the functioning of the press. The other objective is finding the relations between the press system and the political system in the years 1918-1939.
The investigation was carried out on the basis of system analysis in be-haviouristic-functional approach.
In the conclusion, the author states that the press systems of particular political parties which functioned in the Second Republic were dependent on the functions those parties realized in the political system. The author believes that the relationship between newspapers and the political parties is not a final factor but only an indicator about actual activities of those parties which are keen on spreading their ideas through all available means of communication and are not merely limited to thir formal control. Actual commitment of newspapers to a certain ideology or political doctrine is not evidenced by their formal owner but rather by their content and effectiveness of exercising influence on readership.