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Autor Kazimierz Warda
Tytuł Paweł Jarkowski - bibliotekarz i bibliograf
Title Paweł Jarkowski - Librarian and Bibliographer
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So far Paweł Jarkowski's work has not been adequately studied. This article is an attempt to present him as a teacher, a librarian and bibliographer. Thanks to Czacki and Kołłątaj he became a teacher of morality and French. At first he worker in a Grammar School and then in a Secondary School in Krzemieniec. Me was also entrusted with a managment of the library. And from 1809 onwards - with lecturing on bibliography. The results of his efforts as a manager of the library were He beautiful empire room, admired by both locals and tourists, as well as a splendid collection of books (the main part * of which was king Stanisław August Poniatowski's library).
As a bibliographer Jarkowslri was a fallower of Michał Denis and the regarded He bibliography as historical science (He, however, linked it with a history of literature). He believed that it is an encyklopedie knowledge of books in their historical development, The lectures on bibliology he divided into historical and artistic ones in this opinion, on of the branches on bibliology is a proper bibliology, which is a bibliographic knowledge of manuscripts and books as well as librarianship. Jarkowski was not a great scientist. His main contribution is an adaptation of archie vements of foreign bibliology for benefits of Polish science.