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Autor Zofia Sokół
Tytuł Czasopisma organizacji kobiecych w Polsce w latach 1989-1999
Title The Magazines of Women's Organisations in Poland in the Years 1989-1999
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This article concerns the magazines published by the emerging movement of women's organisation in Poland in the last decade of the 20th Century. The work includes a historical introduction, which discusses the origin and development of women's organisations until the end of the 19th Century, through the interwar period, Nazi occupation and 45 years of People's Poland, during which two women's organisations were active: Women's League and Circle of Rural Housewives.
In the years 1989-1999, 67 new titles of magazines were published by unions, societies, foundations, federations, clubs and political parties or business associations which grouped women.
Next journals of non-governmental institutions began to appear, 10 of which started publishing activity of socio-political and economic character.
A separate group includes publications of religious organisations - Catholic - 6 titles and Christian - 3 titles.
Another group of publications are specialist magazines of various women's organisations, e.g professional magazines (29 titles), girl-guides magazines (2 titles), association of cosmeticians, economists, the Union of the Blind and the Union of the Ukrainian Women in Poland - total of 6 titles.
The article is illustrated by Tables.